Here I am. I am starting a blog. I am very tired. However, this has been on the back of my mind. The notion to start a blog that is. Nerdy it may be, but almost necessary in today’s cyber-kinetic atmosphere. Right now, I am having flashbacks of watching Doogie Howser when I was a young teen, posting in his cyber-log while narrating the typist’s key punch. Brain breaks to remember the good ole days.

Okay, now back to saying “Hello World!” I am going to be posting random things here and there such as: my life as a father, a husband, a son, a grandson, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a nephew,  a teacher, a student, a role model, a coach, a former Marine, a property manager, an exterminator, a landscaper, a mechanic, an engineer, a railroader, an athlete, a writer, an artist, a musician, a brewer and now a blogger.

Thank you all for reading.

News for the day:

My fiance called me while inspecting apartments in Akron, OH today saying that she heard someone step onto our deck and step towards the door only to watch the door handle turn. This left her petrified that someone was trying to come in. She waited til she heard the footsteps wonder off until they were gone. She went to the door to pull the curtain aside to reveal that there was a package left on the front deck just below the steps.

When she advised me of this I called the Hartville Police department. They promptly put me on hold without discussing the nature of the call. I waited about a minute. One more minute that could have had the police already dispatched. They asked me some questions such as, “did they leave a package? Were you expecting a package?” Etc. I had to explain that whether there was a package left that no person has the right to enter my premises or even attempt to enter the premises whatsoever. The dispatcher immediately said that she is dispatching an officer out to the home.

I felt relieved and shaken all at the same time. It took all I had to not drop everything I was doing at work to head home to make sure everything was okay. I often wonder if my girls will be okay at home without my presence. The way the world is starting to turn, its sad to say that this the society that is starting to fester demons all around us. There is a growing un-trust among people. Murderers are glorified by the media; however, it may be indirect but the story and the murderers become famous even for the briefest moment in eternity.

If anything ever happens to my family so help you God, I will burn you to the stake til there are no ashes left to tarnish the soil with your remains. For I will accept any punishment that may be bestowed on me for vanquishing the earth of your being.

That is all for tonight. Good night world. Sleep tight, and well… you know.